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Building the future

of antibiotics.

Introducing the first new class of broad-spectrum antibiotic developed in over fifty years. 

Antiinfective Conjugated Electrolytes (ACEs) are a paradigm-changing platform that demonstrate unprecedented activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, as well as certain pathogenic fungi. Their modular design enables rapid derivatization, simple synthesis and a flexible matrix of opportunities. Negligible cross-resistance ensures a long marketable lifetime and reduces the risk for treatment failures.  

A global threat as great as climate change.

700,000 people die each year from antibiotic resistance with 10 million annual projected deaths by 2050.

Resistance threatens the very fabric of modern society. Organ transplants, cancer treatments and all routine surgeries will become risky as resistance to last-resort antibiotics render infections untreatable.

Antibiotic-resistant infections cost the U.S. over $20 billion annually with that number rising to catastrophic levels in the coming decades.

There are currently no new antibiotic drugs in the global development pipeline that can adequately prevent more people from dying in the future.


A platform of hope.

Years of research on microbe-based biotechnology at top universities uncovered a novel platform of broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents. Realizing the potential implications this discovery could have on global health, our core scientific team of chemists and microbiologists realigned their focus towards combatting antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Our mission is to foster this serendipitous discovery and provide patients with hope in the face of superbug infections. 

Despite the daunting challenge, Xiretsa is driven by the opportunity to change the world for the better. We see no greater opportunity than protecting millions of people against the scourge of AMR. A world in a post-antibiotic era, where any scratch can lead to a fatal infection, is not something we are prepared to let happen. As the cornerstone of modern medicine, effective antibiotics are vital to global health and economic wellbeing.


Xiretsa is dedicated to tailoring our proprietary molecular platform to meet critical unmet needs in infectious disease therapy. 

Meet the team.